The incredible (comments)

Grazie a MBF, una vecchia gloria delle riviste di videogiochi che non ho ancora capito bene come si sia riciclato (si direbbe bene) sono finito a leggere una discussione del Guardian (quotidiano britannico) su The Incredibles. Se sia o non sia niciano, se sia o non sia darwinianamente sociale o socialmente darwiniano, se sia di destra o di sinistra, insomma. La cosa bella è che ci si sono proprio sprecati, a voler leggere il messaggio dietro al film.
Riporto solo la mia risposta, e questa meravigliosa rivisitazione della copertina.

"I don't really care for the democracy or the antidemocracy of this movie. It was a show worth watching, and as someone said, yes, this is the best James Bond Movie EVER.
People don't have superpowers, i guess this is quite obviuos. All the analysis is about a metaphor, then, but is it worth? Why make a movie about superheroes? To somehow justify social darwinism, or just to make me (and most of you, i suppose) laugh your ass out?
Then yes, you can reason a lot about the philo-socio-political implications of the "starting points" of the movie (i.e. some are more talented than others... to the extreme; good always prevails, i note no one mentioned this, is it just too obvious? And many other points that could be discussed), but if you want to reason about the "principles" of the movie, than it's not much too different from many other happy ending movies (it's just so much more fun).
I hope my english will somehow result intelligible :) Cheers"

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